Test technology

Here you will find a selection of test technologies which SmartPac has developed and built for its clients.

Test machine for guide wheels for automatic clutches of drive trains for cars

For a supplier of the automotive industry, SmartPac developed and manufactured an inspection, test and handling system based on image processing. The main tasks were to fully automatic test and identify guide wheels for drive trains of cars during the production.


The guide wheels to be tested are supplied by the upstream process. First the parts are precisely positioned by means of a specific sensor and handling system as preparation for the further testing. Now the positioned part is fixated to the test bench and provided for testing. An image processing system captures the test item and by reading the raw part marking (Bitcode), the part is identified. The whole test process lasts approximately 10 seconds.

If the data to be checked are matching, the guide wheel is transferred to a discharge magazine. In case the part is declared as faulty, the item is automatically rejected.

This system may be integrated into diverse production lines and automated in respect of part supply and discharge, corresponding to the specific task. This also applies for the integration of data collection and evaluation at system controls. Thus SmartPac test technology ensures quality of first-class products at fully automatic handling process.


  • Series products in mechanical engineering (engines, drive trains, clutches, bearings)
  • Electric engineering (drives, sensors, measuring devices, assembly automation)
  • Hydraulics / pneumatic parts
  • Food industry (inspection at packaging lines)

Technical Data

test performance 6 pieces/min.
dimensions 2.500 mm x 1.000 mm x 2.000 mm (L x W x H)

Additional equipment

  • Feeders / magazines
  • Transfer devices
  • Video devices
Test machine for tightness of film pouches BSP 250

Product safety and quality of the package is playing an ever-increasing role for manufacturing companies. Nowadays film packaging machines which produce film pouches, partly at very high speed respectively output, are working safe and reliable.

However, this certainly requires selection of corresponding packaging material as well as the setup and adjustment of the machines and parameters by qualified personnel.

Despite care and accurateness operation incidents and disturbances may occur which result in faulty or leaking packages. Often this is not detected immediately and thus, certain waste is being produced which leads to economic loss. To avoid this, SmartPac developed and manufactured a test machine for tightness of film pouches.

The test machine is installed directly to the discharge of the packaging machine and is capable of both continuous and intermittent operation. (maximum performance 200 pouches per minute & lane) Faulty and/or leaking pouches are automatically detected and rejected. A corresponding signal is provided according to customers requirements and appears either acoustical or optical. In case of error bursts the PLC automatically stops the complete line.


The test machine for tightness of pouches is part of pouch packaging lines for pouches of plastic film and sachets of paper.

By means of a sensor the contour of the individual pouches is recorded and electronically compared with a nominal curve. Premise for the assessment are an even product distribution inside the pouch as well as a minimum volume. In case the measured value does not meet the nominal curve the corresponding pouch is declared as faulty and thus, automatically rejected.

Principle construction



  • Food supplements
  • Animal food supplements
  • Tobacco industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry


  • Contact-free measuring system
  • High flexibility of the design and thus, fast adaption to existing and new installed packaging lines for pouches of diverse sizes
  • Easy setup and adjustment of the system by means of simple use of the machine
  • Measuring range extension by electronic menu
  • Pneumatic ejector and optical signal station for faulty pouches

Technical Data

Format range pouches from 60 mm x 60 mm x 15 mm to 100 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm, special fitments for larger packages are possible
performance 250 pouches/minute
Line stop via potential-free contact
Electrical connection 230 V, 0.2 kW
Compressed air work pressure 6 bar
Protection class IP 54

Extension modules

  • Cleaning system
  • Aspiration unit
  • Discharge unit