Carton erector for folded boxes KAF 800

carton erector for folded boxes KAF 800
carton erector for folded boxes KAF 800

The carton erector for folded boxes KAF 800 is applied for the automatic erection of cartons / boxes out of a flat carton blank.

Continuously adjustable lateral guides allow the use of versatile blanks and thus format variations.

By means of a pushover the carton blank is transferred from the magazine to the matrix. Next a stamp presses the carton blank through the matrix. By interaction of stamp and matrix the blank is being erected to a folded box. As soon as the stamp is retracted, turning and locking of the box insides begins. By the specific design of the turning plates the latching hooks are turned and latched. A pusher transfers the finished folded box on a discharge conveyor.

The produced folded boxes may then be manually, or by an automatic filling machine, filled with versatile products like e.g. cookie jars, pouches or bottles.

The versatile carton erector for folded boxes KAF 800 convinces by its user-friendly handling, simple and fast format changes as well as its modular design. It can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines and may be equipped with supplementary units such as marking systems, grouping systems or specific transfer systems.

Your benefits:

  • precise and strong steel, stainless steel frames and aluminium profiles
  • highest process reliability by means of control technology
  • compact design and manufacture
  • Flexibility – simple and fast format changeovers
  • Variability – modular design enables extension with supplementary modules such as printers, labelers, grouping units
  • easy to service and maintain

Technical Data KAF 800

Typ Kartonaufrichter für Faltschachteln
format range length 200 – 800 mm
width 200 – 800 mm
performance ≤ 50 boxes/min*
dimensions [LxWxH] 2.350 x 1.400 x 2.400 mm
working height 900 ± 50 mm

* dependent on carton material, tray dimensions and machine configuration