Pouch packing

SSM 500
SSM 500

For packaging of versatile products into pouches, SmartPac offers you several machine systems to choose from.

Our automated pouch filling and closing system of the series “BVS” is designed for filling and closing prefabricated cross bottom, block bottom or side-gusseted bags.

Bags and pouches which are already filled, either manually or by a prior system, may be automatically closed by the compact pouch closing machine type BV. Corresponding to the specific application the system may operate in continuous or intermittent motion.

For both systems you may choose from various available closing types. Even a compact flipping of the neck onto the pouch and fixation by tape is possible.

An ideal entry into fully automated packaging is represented by our side sealing machines of the SSM series. Various products of diverse dimensions may be packed by full film wrapping with our SSM machines very simple, fast and safe. All common heat-sealable laminates, as well as flat or center folded films can be handled.

Because of their typical variability, all machines and systems may be equipped and combined with diverse supplementary units such as marking, labeling, grouping and many more.

Your benefits:

  • precise and strong steel, stainless steel frames and aluminium profiles
  • highest process reliability by means of control technology
  • compact design and manufacture
  • user-friendly operation by touchscreen HMI
  • Flexibility – compatible with various dosing systems
  • Variability – modular design allows easy integration of supplementary modules like e.g. printers, labelers, sewing systems and many more
  • easy to service and maintain
pouch packing machine BVS 300 BV 310
operation fully automatic fully / semi automatic
functioning intermittent, continuously intermittent, continuously
pouch height 150 – 300 mm 100 bis 300 mm
pouch width 40 – 75 mm ab 30 mm
front width 70 – 110 mm  
- - -
performance* ≤ 50 pouches/min* ≤ 60 pouches/min*
side sealing machine SSM 500 SSM 750
operation fully automatic fully automatic
product supply automatic / manually automatic / manually
cross sealing width 500 mm 750 mm
passage height 300 mm 300 mm
film width
center folded film
600/600 mm 850/850 mm
film width flat film 1.200 mm 1.700 mm
performance* bis 60 pouches/min* bis 60 pouches/min*

* dependent on material, product, pouch dimensions, dosing system and machine configuration