Pouch closing machine BV 310

BVS 300

The pouch closing machine BV 310 closes prefabricated cross bottom, block bottom or side-gusseted bags made of versatile packing materials with a top closure.

Supplied either manually or automatically by a previous pouch filling machine, the BV 310 closes the bags automatically. The pouch neck is folded and for instance glued or sealed. Even the combination with a protection by an applied label is possible.

Numerous extensions of the closing machine are given by the combination with supplementary units like printers, metal detectors, a grouping system or a scale with rejection system.

Hence you receive a multifunctional closing system with a wide range of applications which complies with highest demands.

Simple fold: closing by heat sealing, hot glue, label, tape or sewing unit
Double fold: closing by heat sealing, hot glue, label, tape or sewing unit

Your benefits:

  • precise and strong steel, stainless steel frames and aluminium profiles
  • highest process reliability by means of control technology
  • compact design and manufacture
  • user-friendly operation by touchscreen HMI
  • Flexibility – compatible with various dosing systems
  • Variability – modular design allows easy integration of supplementary modules like e.g. printers, labelers, sewing systems and many more
  • easy to service and maintain

Technical Data BV 310

operation fully automatic
functioning intermittent / continuous
pouch height 100 – 300 mm
pouch height (unsealed) 130 – 300 mm
bottom width > 30 mm
performance* ≤ 60 pouches/min*

* dependent on material, product, pouch dimensions and machine configuration