Side sealing machine SSM 500

SSM 500
SSM 500

The SmartPac side sealing machine SSM 500 provides you an ideal entry into fully automated packaging.

This packaging system is ideally suited to be integrated into a production and packaging line. It may be supplied with products manually as well as fully automatic.

By the optional film folding unit, the SSM 500 firstly forms the flat film coming from a reel to a folded film. Without the folding unit, prefabricated folded film may be operated directly. The product is being placed between the two film layers. Initiated by light barriers, the two film layers are sealed across and then along the open side. Thus the machine generates a three-side sealed pouch package around the product.

Already during the development of the SSM 500 SmartPac put high attention on user-friendly handling and greatest possible flexibility in order to meet even highest demands. The machine operates folded film as well as, together with the optional folding unit, flat film of almost all heat-sealable laminates.

 Precise and reliable processing of diverse products of various sizes is given by the generous designed format range of 500 mm maximum sealing width and 300 mm passage height. A special highlight is our servodriven cross sealing unit. Dependent on the product, specific movement profiles can be run in order to achieve the highest possible pouch quality without any wrinkles.

Your benefits:

  • precise frame design with aluminium profiles
  • Light barrier controlled – product supply manually, as well automatically possible
  • compact design
  • Operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Servodriven cross sealing for highest quality pouches
  • automatic format adjustment
  • Flexibility – handles flat as well as folded films of almost all heat-sealable laminates
  • Variability – modular design allows easy integration of supplementaries such as printers, labelers and many more
  • easy to service and maintain

Technical Data SSM 500

operation fully automatic
product supply fully automatic or manually
maximum sealing width 500 mm
passing height 300 mm
film width for folded film 600/600 mm
film width for flat film 1.200 mm
performance* bis 60 pouches/min*

* dependent on material, product, pouch dimensions and machine configuration