Stickpack machines

SSP 560
SSP 560

Our „SSP-series“ stickpack machines operate fully automatic and according to vertical, intermittent working principle. Two different versions for the format ranges 560mm and 800 mm sealing width are available for you to choose from. Corresponding to the stickpack width, our machines may be operated in 2 up to 20 lanes.

Versatile package shapes like single or double sticks, stickpack strings as well as three-side-sealed pouches may be produced with our stickpack machines. Both symmetric and asymmetric shapes of stickpacks are possible. The modular design of our stickpack machines also enables the use of shaped sealing tools for instance to ease the pouring by a spout, as well as the combination with a punch.

Depending on the specific application, our machines are equipped and combined with matching dosing systems for liquid, pasty, powdery and granular products, as well as pieces. Even the simultaneous filling of different products is possible. For food applications, hot fill, as well as CIP/SIP systems can be realized.

liquids, cremes, pastes: rotary valve pump, ball valve pump, diaphragm pump
powders, granules: auger dosing system, micro dosing system, volumetric cup filler
pieces (tablets, capsules): cup filler

Major components of our stickpack machines are:

  • strong steel, as well as stainless steel machine housing, laser-cut and precision welded
  • automatic film edge alignment
  • Splice table for easy and fast film changes
  • Print mark control
  • Servo drives for the film transport ensure an equal film draw off and constant film tension for sachets of highest quality


Stickpack machine SSP 560 SSP 800
number of lanes 2 – 14 4 – 20
maximum format width 560 mm 800 mm
stickpack width mindestens 16 mm mindestens 16 mm
stickpack length 50 – 200 mm 50 – 200 mm
maximum film reel width 560 mm 800 mm
maximum film reel diameter 600 mm 600 mm
performance ≤ 80 cycles/min* ≤ 80 cycles/min*

* dependent on material, product, stickpack dimensions and dosing system