After Sales / Range of Services

Manufacturing high-performance machines is one thing. However for the satisfaction of our customers the quality and reliability of our After-Sales-Service are equally important to us. To assure availability of the machines delivered by us, SmartPac provides Full Service from one hand.

Assessment of failure

  • Assessment of disruptions and failures via remote servicing (online diagnosis)

Spare Parts

  • Spare Parts support for Smartpac manufacturing parts as well as buy-out parts

Repair and Maintenance

  • Emergency repairs, wear and tear repairs, preventive maintenance
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of machines and systems (by arrangement)
  • Preparation of needs-oriented spare and wear parts bundles


  • System supervision by arranged service intervals (on closing a service arrangement)
  • 24 hours on-call-service (on separate agreement)
  • Performance of worldwide service interventions
  • Format changes respectively system extensions (on separate agreement)
  • Education and training of operating personnel