Here you will find a selection of special machines which SmartPac has developed and built for its clients of the food industry.

Film forming and sealing machine for chocolate waffles FFV 80

Functional description

The film forming and sealing machine FFV 80 is an example for a customer-specific special solution which has been developed and manufactured within only short time for a sweets manufacturer. Particular requirements had to be considered at packaging of the chocolate product:

  • Exceptional shape of the product
  • Chocolate triangle with concave shape
  • Wrapping with water-thin film
  • Airtight sealing without harming the product’s quality

The packaging machine has been structured to arrange all operating tools, which are required for processing of the final product, at the operator’s side. Automatically the product is fed into the compartment belt. The wrapping material, consisting of bottom film and top film, is provided in reels by arbors. By several operating tools the top film is processed in a certain way to achieve the three-dimensional contour of the product in the film.

At insertion position the product is pushed to one of the already prepared negative forms of the surface. Simultaneously it is placed on the bottom film. Now the chocolate triangle is sealed airtight between the two films, thereby it is cooled by air in order to avoid fusing of the chocolate coat.

Next the product with a circumferential 5 mm seal is punched out of the films. Finally the finished product is discharged out of the machine on a conveyor.

Dosing / packaging system for chocolate balls into sleeves

This system is a typical example for our special machines and has been developed and manufactured for a considerable chocolate manufacturer.

Functional description

By means of feeding units the product „chocolate ball“ is dosed into a specific package – metal sleeve – and covered with a screw cap.

Sleeves, chocolate balls and caps are disorderly given into corresponding storage tanks. Automatically the different items are sorted, aligned, fed and dosed. The system is structured in order to fill, close and lock three metal sleeves at the same time. Sleeve and screw cap are locked by means of a temper-evident closure in the form of a label.

Technical Data

performance / output: 100 sleeves/min; 900 chocolate balls/min
cycles indexing table: 35 cycles/min
time for one cycle: 1,7 s
sleeve diameter/ -length: 19 mm / 170 mm
electrical connection: 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
connected load: 2,5 kW
compressed air: 6 bar
dimensions: 7 x 7 x 3,5 m (L x W x H)
Weighing / dosing system for coconut flakes and jelly products into blister

Functional description

Chocolate coconut flakes (or similar shapes) are supplied out of a cooling channel at 19 pieces per lane. The products are taken over and, by special acceleration and direction belts, arranged to 5 groups before they are finally separated.

Now the products are transferred in a row. A distribution unit directs the products as preparation for the even filling into blisters. A blister unstacking unit separates the blisters and provided them to the dosing station.

Special developed weighing cells with extremely short settling phase weigh the blisters. Complex data acquisition and control software represents the heart of the system. It is capable of controlling the counting processes on the basis of average filling weights which are permanently collected, updated and processed. According to the principle of a preliminary dosing followed by a piecewise secondary dosing, a very high accuracy is achieved.

After the weighing process the blisters of the three parallel working stations are brought together and finally provided to further packaging.


  • Chocolate / candy manufacturers
  • Food and food supplement products
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Additional equipment

  • Pouch packaging of the blisters
  • Nut respectively sugar strewer
  • Carton packaging system
Strewing system for nuts

Functional description

The strewing system is suitable for all-around bestrewing of priory chocolate-coated candy or waffle products with dry, grainy and pourable strewing materials such as granulated sugar or chopped nuts.

It is compatible with various upstream systems and may easily be integrated into complete production lines for sweets.


  • Bestrewing of priory chocolate-coated candy or waffle products

Technical Data

longitudinal conveyor width: up to 1.150 mm
adjustable speed longitudinal conveyor: 2,0 - 4,0 m/min
strewing material reservoir: 25 litres
dimensions: 650 mm x 2.250 mm x 1.500 mm (L x W x H)

Additional modules

  • Feeding unit for product reservoir
Blister unstacking system BE 100

Functional description and structure

Blister unstacking units are part of specific automated packaging processes. They enable fully automatic extraction out of stacking shafts and feeding to packaging processing.

Structure of the basis components:

  • Frame
  • 3 in line blister magazine shafts with de-palletizing mechanisms
  • Feeding conveyor to dosing system
  • Control

Number and order of the basis components are defined by the performance specifications of the production system and may be altered accordingly. Continuous supply of separated blisters is reliable monitored by sensor technology.

Specialties / advantages at a glance

  • Adoptable specific to a certain process
  • High reliability by means of automatic control of backup systems

Branches and applications

  • Sweets, small bakery products
  • Spirits
  • cosmetics

Technical Data

unstacking performance of basis component: up to 60 blisters/min
Fully automatic system for separation, testing and packaging of potato pancakes into folded boxes respectively pouches

The system described here, consisting of carton erector, filler and closing unit with integrated image processing, has been developed and manufactured for a manufacturer of deep-frozen foods.

Functional description

The disordered product flow coming from the upstream deep-freezer is separated and arranged in rows before transfer to conveyors. Now the deep-frozen products are quality-checked by image processing at which size, shape and color are monitored. In case of failure, a rejection mechanism is activated and faulty products are automatically rejected off the process. The quality inspection is followed by separation of product flow to a bigger amount of conveying lanes.

Product groups with defined quantities are formed. Optionally the system offers different kinds of packaging – carton and pouch – as well as their combination.

Execution versions

  • Application as complete packaging system for top-load and front-load packages respectively pouch packages
  • Implementation of existing carton erectors, carton closing machines or complete cartoning machines
  • Checkweigher for the filled and closed packages
  • Marking & coding to customer specification
  • Integration & synchronization or downstream case packers and palletizers
Feeding / final packaging system for cookies

Functional description

The complete production line from oven up to the finished tray consists of linking facilities and corresponding single packaging machines. The system is a fully automatic operating line which firstly separates the cookie chains coming continuously from the baking process. Then the cookies are sorted, aligned, channeled and stacked in order to supply them to the single packaging.

The single packages are placed in units at case packer and thus, inserted into wholesale cartons (trays) and closed with a lid.

With only minimum conversion effort the whole system is suitable for cylindrical as well as rectangular shaped single packages. Even the cookie format may be changed.

Application branches

  • Bakery product industry
  • Candy manufacturing industry

Additional modules

  • Automatic palletizing and pallet stretching

Technical Data

Sorting performance: 380 cookies/min
System for fully automatic final packaging and palletizing of deep-frozen foods in folded boxes

Functional description

This system is the final packaging step of a deep-frozen production line. Seven different pack sizes with maximum 10 kg are transported, arranged, stacked onto transfer pallets and finally stretch-wrapped. Four packaging lines are connected to the layering palletizing system.

To address difficult transportation routes, different conveyors are used which are combined with each other:

  • Slatband chain conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Vertical conveyor
  • Accumulating roller conveyor
  • Telescoping conveyor

Several stations are present to align, erect and precisely position the transfer units during transport of products. The palletizing scheme is recorded at the PLC and in charge of the functions of the telescoping conveyor as well as the chain conveyors. In case of format change a corresponding palletizing scheme is loaded.

Fifteen standard Euro pallets (1.200 x 800 mm) can be stored and provided at the pallet magazine. Automatically the pallets are delivered to the transfer carriage of the layering palletizer. An automatic stretch-wrapper fixates the products on the pallet. The whole system operates smoothly at still great flexibility.

Application branches

  • Food industry
  • Mechanical engineering / consumer goods production
Filling and closing machine for spices into jars

Functional description

The packaging system for spices and mixed spices fulfills the following functions:

  • Transfer of the provided jars within the system
  • Dosing of a defined product quantity
  • Filling of jars with spices and mixed spices
  • Putting on screw caps and closing the jars

A rotary table provides the jars to the filling station. After filling the set quantity of product, the jars are automatically closed with a screw cap. Finally the jars are forwarded to a labeling station. In this case the label is a tamper-evidence closure.

Application branches

  • Food and tobacco industry
  • Packaging of food supplements
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical and color industry

Technical Data:

system performance: approx. 30 jars/minute
operation: one operator (monitoring & removing)
Anlagenabmessungen: 500 mm x 1.600 mm x 2.500 mm [L x W x H]

Additional modules

  • Labeling and marking systems
  • Automatic filling level control
  • Automatic secondary packaging at different batch sizes
Filling machine for powders & granules into PET jars PF 270

The SmartPac PF 270 filling machine has been developed for precise filling of free flowing powders & granules into PET jars.

It meets highest demands to filling accuracy, quality and performance. The powder filler is equipped with an aspiration unit for dusty products and thus, avoids potential dirt at the jar’s outsides during filling. Completely executed in stainless steel and corresponding plastics this machine is ideally suitable for applications of food and pharmaceutical industries.

Empty jars are provided by a feeding conveyor. A pusher distributes the jars to two parallel belts and thus, supplies the jars to the dosing station. Next the jars are placed underneath the metering screws by an indexing star and lifted against the aspiration covers. Now the filling tubes of the metering screws automatically move downwards inside the jars. During filling the jars are lowered and potential dust is automatically aspirated. Then the filled jars are transferred further while new empty jars are fed to the dosing unit. The finished jars are finally discharged by a conveyor.

Because of its modular design the powder filling system is capable of both individual operation as well as to be integrated into existing production lines.

Your benefits

  • Food-grade execution in stainless steel & corresponding plastics
  • Compact and modular design and structure
  • Integrated aspiration unit avoids littering the outsides of the jars
  • To be used as individual machine as well as integrated into existing lines
  • Precise dosing via servodriven metering screws
  • Easy to service and maintain


type fully automatic filling machine for powders
jar formats jar-Ø

Produkt powder and granules, e.g. food supplements, instant products and many more
Leistung ≤ 70 jars/min*

* dependent on filling quantity, product behavior and machine configuration