Assembly systems

Here you will find a selection of assembly systems which SmartPac has built for its clients.

Filling station for automated packaging of sugarcoated mint candy into plastic containers

The fully automatic SmartPac CF 1800 special machine packs sugarcoated mint candies into plastic containers.

Developed for the food industry, this high complex system is able to fully automatic assembly of the plastic package as well as filling it with a defined amount of mint candies.

A central rotary indexing table with 8 stations serves different functions. First the inner trays of the plastic containers are fed and precisely positioned at the indexing table. Next the tray is being filled with two layers of mint candies. After that the outer case is being applied before the filled tray is being pushed into the case. Thus the plastic container is closed. Finally the filled and closed containers are discharged on a conveyor.

This special machine is characterized by easy handling, high automated servo technologies for all motions as well as highest process reliability. Possible faulty products are automatically and separately rejected.

The CF 1800 machine may be operated as individual machine as well as in combination with additional units.

Your benefits:

  • Food grade execution
  • Compact and modular design and structure
  • Highest process reliability by means of control technologies
  • Simply usable as individual machine as well as in combination with additional units
  • Precise positioning and motions by most modern servo technologies
  • Easy to service and maintain



fully automatic filling station for automated packaging of sugarcoated mint candy into plastic containers

product: mint candy
length 14,5 mm width 14,5 mm height 4,5 mm
  weight 1,0 g    
  24 pieces in 2 layers    
performance ≤ 40 cycles/min*    

* dependent on filling quantity, product constitution and machine configuration

Assembly machine for dialyzers

Assembly machine for dialyzers

Assembly machine for bicycle bottom brackets

Automatically the parts are separated from a magazine and placed at the assembly sleeves of the specific stations of the indexing table. In sequence the four assembly parts – 2 pieces ball bearing, distance bush and axe – are fed and pneumatically pressed. Finally the finished bottom brackets are deposited. This machine can process 10 different formats of bicycle bottom brackets.

The machine consists of the following functioning modules:

  • Magazine and supply of lower bearing
  • Magazine and supply of distance bush
  • Magazine and supply of upper bearing
  • Pressing unit
  • Inspection unit for proper assembly
  • Discharge unit
Production system for matchboxes

Production system for matchboxes

Dismantling system for bomblets

This system automatically dismantles discarded ammunition in continuous operation. It is objective of the development to automatically dismantle ammunition and prepare it for elimination of the explosives. A critical aspect of this task is that both detonator and ignition box must not be mechanically claimed and not damaged either. This applies at all processing stations of the grenade body and even with inserted locking pin.

The system consists of three subsystems:

Transfer system

  • A chain conveyor receives the ammunition for the supplies of the processing and transfer stations

Processing system

  • Pneumatic mechanical fixation of the ammunition for further processing
  • Mechanical relaxation and dismantling of a major part of the ignition system
  • Processing time of one dismantling takes approx. 8 seconds

Inspection system

  • PLC controlled process inspection

Process flow

The parts manually supplied to the transfer system are forwarded to the processing and dismantling area intermittently. First the impress-tension between copper cone as “part of the ignition system” and the steel body is released by highly precise mechanical treatment. Next the copper cone is being retracted and dropped under monitoring at an extrusion unit. The system acknowledges a successful dismantling. Finally the dismantled parts are transferred by a conveyor to a combustion unit for the explosives.

Modern sensor technology continuously provides information regarding the process flow. It analyses conditions during the critical processing phase and protects from intervention to the automatic process for the different processing steps. The major control of the whole complex process is established by a Siemens S7 PLC.